Airport Mladá Boleslav

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Airport Mlada Boleslav, for its convenient location, two runway with year -to-use surface and comfort facilities is an important provider of the aviation services to the regional community and number of the local aircraft operators in the field of general aviation.  It is owned and operated by Aero Club Mladá Boleslav. Public association, who devoted enormous efforts to preserve the existence of this wonderful airport and currently focuses on developing the airport in a way of providing facilities and improve services to aircraft  operators.

For the above mentioned facts and also due to the easy accessibility of the airport, which provides stable business environment and excellent long-term partnership in the field of general aviation services, many aircraft operators chose this airport as their home base.

There is many private aircrafts operating from the airport, companies based here providing Microlight aircraft elementary training – Cliffy Air, general aviation Flying  Academy company, Robinson Helicopter sales, service and training by NISSA AIR company, Tandem Sky Diving company  by Kantor Air. Aero Club Mlada Boleslav provides sightseeing flights for public as well as Private pilot and Glider pilot training programme. In the local Aviation Museum of Method Vlach there is a large collection of vintage airplanes, where most of them are still in flying conditions. Nice restaurant in place, underlines very pleasant and relaxing times for public and for pilots and crews while visiting local airport.

If you are interested on the any of the mentioned services or if you just want to come and visit us, have a coffee and watch the air traffic, it will be pleasure to  welcome you on our airport.


Planes on Air show 2022

Douglas C-47 Skytrain
Wingspan: 29,11 m
Capacity: 28 troops
motor: 2 Pratt & Whitney R-1830-90C Twin Wasp

F4U CorsairVought F4U Corsair
Wingspan: 12,50 m
Length: 10,26 m
Height: 4,5 m
Maximum speed: 718 km/h

Hawker HurricaneHawker Hurricane
Wingspan: 12,19 m
Lenght: 9,83 m
Height: 4,01 m
Maximum speed: 538 km/h in height 6 550 m

Metoděj VlachMetodej Vlach aircraft
Engine: Skoda - Favorit 1 400 ccm
Power: 65 HP
Span: 10 m
Max. speed: 80km/h

JAS-39 GripenSaab JAS-39 Gripen
Lenght: 14,1 m
Wingspan: 8,4 m
Height: 4,5 m
Maximum speed: 2 204 km/h

P-51D Mustang

North American P-51 Mustang
Wingspan: 11,28 m
Lenght: 9,83 m
Height: 4,13 m
Maximum speed: 703 km/h in height 7620 m

Zlín XII
Wingspan: 10,00 m
Engine: Persy II
Power: 34 kW (47 k) at 2600 rpm
Maximum speed: 155 km/h

Beechcraft_C-45HBeechcraft C-45H
Lenght: 10,57 m (34 stop a 8 palců)
Wingspan: 14,53 m (47 ft a 8 in)
Height: 2,97 m (9 ft a 9 in)
Capacity: 6 passenger or 1 360 kg (3 000 lb) cargo

Caudron G3
Wingspan: 13.4 m
rotary engine: Le Rhône 9C
výkon: 60 kW (80 k)
Maximum speed: 106 km/h

Extra 300 SExtra 300-S
Length: 7.01 m (23 ft 0 in)
Wingspan: 8 m (26 ft 3 in)
Height: 2.6 m (8 ft 6 in)
Never exceed speed: 410 km/h

Fllow Megroup of ZLIN

Flying Bullsacrobatic group FLYING BULLS
group aerobatic of
4 planes XtremeAir XA42

Fokker D-VIII
Wingspan: 8,37 m
rotary engine Oberusel Ur.II or Goebel Goe III
Power: 82 kW (110 HP) / 119 kW (160 HP)
Maximum speed: 200 km/h


CASA C-295
Lenght:: 24,5 m
Wingspan:: 25,81 m
Height: 8,6 m
Capacity: 71 soldiers 

W-3A SokolPZL W-3A Sokol
Rotor diameter: 15,70 m
Hull lenght: 14,21 m
Height: 5,14 m
Capacity: 12 passengers