Airport Mladá Boleslav

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Airport Mladá Boleslav (LKMB)

Airports Mladá Boleslav for its convenient location, two runway with year -to-use surface and solid background poskytovalatelem significant air services to the public in the region and a popular air port number of operators of general aviation . It is owned and operated by Aero Club Mladá Boleslav – Civil . Association , who devoted enormous efforts to preserve the existence of this wonderful airport and currently focuses on developing airports mainly towards providing facilities and improve services to air operators .

For the above -mentioned advantages of the airport, but also to correct the access of the airport providing a stable business environment, air operators , he chose this airport as their home airbase dozens of private aircraft, and excellent long-term partner relationships that cooperates several companies providing aviation services. Car ULL aircraft and training on them are carried out pilot academy Cliff Air, sales, service and Robinson Helicopter training for them is provided by Nisa Air, tandem skydiving company offers Kantor Air, tours and flight demonstrations wonderful collection of replicas of historic aircraft offers Endowment Fund plane method Vlacha , sightseeing flights and training gliders and powered aircraft performs a local flying club.

If you are interested in using any of the above services, or you just want to come ” sit ” coffee and watch the air traffic , we would like you to welcome our airport .