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Dear friends,
let us invite you to the already traditional 11th Antique aviation day, which for ever greater participation of foreign aircraft and visitors we call also Historical Air Show. The main organizers are Aero Club Mlada Boleslav and the Foundation “Aeroplane of Method Vlach”. The newly open Aviation Museum of Method Vlach this time becomes a partner, which will significantly enrich the whole atmosphere of upcoming events. Among the significant changes that will surely delight the partners, sponsors and visitors include a complete visual and promotional page of the entire Air Show, the web presentation with reference to previous years of the venue, social networking and promotional materials. As in previous years, we are preparing for visitors a very interesting show, presenting the examples of historical aircraft, the originals and replicas, modern fighter jets of the Czech Air Force, high performance aerobatics, but also historical Škoda cars from Skoda Auto Museum and from private collections followed by historical tractors and fire fighting vehicles. In the live fighting scenes, group of reenactors in period uniforms will perform along with aircraft. Not to miss even the period music and an interesting comment. The programme will be this time enriched by air modellers and other flying devices. Viewers will see the premiere of several brand new replicas of historical aircraft. Sightseeing flights in aeroplanes and helicopters will be organised throughout the day. The entire event is highly monitored by press. Professional film record of the entire programme will be taken, appropriately supplemented by advertisement of partner companies. There are enough suitable places available for advertisement in the area of the airport. Poster and tickets will be issued with the logos of sponsors. Each partner and sponsor can take the advantage of the presentation on the regular web site of the Historical Air Show or on social networks of the event. In the area of the airport, there is a large parking place for visitors and a sufficient number of refreshment stands.
Aero Club Mladá Boleslav
Regnerova 1306
29301 Mladá Boleslav
Zdeněk Ježek
tel: +420 607 944 250
Director of flying operations
Tomáš Ratimec
tel.: +420 777 891 396
Foundation „Aeroplane of Method Vlach”
Čechova 1277
29301 Mladá Boleslav
Ing. Vladimír Handlík
tel.: +420 604 212 340