Endowment Fund of Metod Vlach

The Endowment funf of Metod Vlach’s Airplane

Nearly 100 years later in 2001, the city of Mladá Boleslav established the ENDOWMENT FUND OF METOD VLACH’S AIRPLANE and the Aeroklub Mladá Boleslav lent space in hangar for newly constructed replica of Vlach´s aircraft from 1912. Thanks to public presentation of this aircraft replica, historically the first period airshow was organized in 2002.

Nowadays the endowment fund has already 10 replicas of historical aircrafts to be displayed. They are replicas of ultra light airplanes category. In most cases they are diminished copies or imitations of historical airplanes. The replicas´ colouring corresponds to real airplanes. The aircraft construction is either wooden or metal (mostly riveted from duralumin tubes) and coated by classic or synthetic linen. The speed of these planes is up to about 100 km/h. The engines are mostly modified from cars (Favorit, VW, Subaru) or engines for ultra light aircrafts (mostly the type Rotax). Exceptionally, historical originals of plane engines, e.g. Continental A 65, are used.

The airplanes from the Endowment Fund of Metod Vlach´s Airplane which are performed:

The endowment fund has sixteen pilots who not only fly the planes but also take care of them regularly and maintain them in good technical state. It is not only about regular maintenance but also about reconstruction of purchased replicas or their completion when constructing a new replica. All these people are unified by love for flying and interest for aviation history. They are then awarded by a flight in a replica which is as interesting as it was an original aircraft.

Planes on Air show 2022

Douglas C-47 Skytrain
Wingspan: 29,11 m
Capacity: 28 troops
motor: 2 Pratt & Whitney R-1830-90C Twin Wasp

F4U CorsairVought F4U Corsair
Wingspan: 12,50 m
Length: 10,26 m
Height: 4,5 m
Maximum speed: 718 km/h

Hawker HurricaneHawker Hurricane
Wingspan: 12,19 m
Lenght: 9,83 m
Height: 4,01 m
Maximum speed: 538 km/h in height 6 550 m

Metoděj VlachMetodej Vlach aircraft
Engine: Skoda - Favorit 1 400 ccm
Power: 65 HP
Span: 10 m
Max. speed: 80km/h

JAS-39 GripenSaab JAS-39 Gripen
Lenght: 14,1 m
Wingspan: 8,4 m
Height: 4,5 m
Maximum speed: 2 204 km/h

P-51D Mustang

North American P-51 Mustang
Wingspan: 11,28 m
Lenght: 9,83 m
Height: 4,13 m
Maximum speed: 703 km/h in height 7620 m

Zlín XII
Wingspan: 10,00 m
Engine: Persy II
Power: 34 kW (47 k) at 2600 rpm
Maximum speed: 155 km/h

Beechcraft_C-45HBeechcraft C-45H
Lenght: 10,57 m (34 stop a 8 palců)
Wingspan: 14,53 m (47 ft a 8 in)
Height: 2,97 m (9 ft a 9 in)
Capacity: 6 passenger or 1 360 kg (3 000 lb) cargo

Caudron G3
Wingspan: 13.4 m
rotary engine: Le Rhône 9C
výkon: 60 kW (80 k)
Maximum speed: 106 km/h

Extra 300 SExtra 300-S
Length: 7.01 m (23 ft 0 in)
Wingspan: 8 m (26 ft 3 in)
Height: 2.6 m (8 ft 6 in)
Never exceed speed: 410 km/h

Fllow Megroup of ZLIN

Flying Bullsacrobatic group FLYING BULLS
group aerobatic of
4 planes XtremeAir XA42

Fokker D-VIII
Wingspan: 8,37 m
rotary engine Oberusel Ur.II or Goebel Goe III
Power: 82 kW (110 HP) / 119 kW (160 HP)
Maximum speed: 200 km/h


CASA C-295
Lenght:: 24,5 m
Wingspan:: 25,81 m
Height: 8,6 m
Capacity: 71 soldiers 

W-3A SokolPZL W-3A Sokol
Rotor diameter: 15,70 m
Hull lenght: 14,21 m
Height: 5,14 m
Capacity: 12 passengers