Historical Airshow

The 12th historical air show
carries the torch of popular historical air shows in Mlada Boleslav. The airshows have always attracted people from the Mlada Boleslav area as well international visitors. The 12th historical air show takes place on June 16th 2018 and several air and land devices will be displayed. Visitors can see historical planes, old-time cars, historical tractors, fire and army techniques. You can look forward to a period atmosphere with music and extras in costumes. We are planning to display some new items which have not been seen during previous historical air shows. Mladá Boleslav is an appropriate place to organize this type of show, because Mlada Boleslav airport is located close to the city. The highway from Prague to Liberec is near airport and it’s possible to get to Mladá boleslav by train as well.
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