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The Flying Bulls’ Corsair has an active and also moving history: It was originally supplied to the US Navy – but was fortunately never deployed (the war ended). Some years later, it ended up in central America – Honduras to be precise – where it was in operation until 1965. It was then purchased by a Texan millionaire – and this is precisely who the pioneer and wise old man of the Flying Bulls, Sigi Angerer, got to know at the end of the eighties. After numerous negotiations, Angerer succeeded in buying the Corsair privately, the decisive meeting between him and Red Bull Boss Mr. Dietrich Mateschitz and the birth of The Flying Bulls was of course a bit later, but the Corsair is proudly declared as the “mascot” of The Flying Bulls.

The special feature of the Corsair is the hydraulically-foldable wings – this makes sense – this aircraft was used on aircraft carriers and is could be put away with the folded-up wings saving space. The machine is equipped with modern navigation instruments – a second seat was also retrofitted. The pilots describe the sound of the engine simply and poignantly: brutish but harmonic! There are 2 examples of this plane in Europe!

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