Museum of Metod Vlach’s

Metod Vlach’s Aviation Museum

Metod Vlach’s Aviation Museum

Everything began in March 2009 when the first thoughts and proposals appeared to establish an aviation museum with support of grants from ROP (Regional Operational Programme) from the European Union. The basis for the collection were 10 replicas of historical aircrafts from the Endowment Fund of Metod Vlach´s Airplane altogether with next 10 flying replicas from other airports. Static exhibits would be completed by borrowed aircrafts from the National Technical Museum in Prague and from the Military Aviation Museum in Kbely.

In 2011 after negotiation in the regional board of councilors and the regional government the regional governor ordered the project for building permission. One of the advantages was that ROP in the Central Bohemian Region promised 80% of the grant from the European Union money.

Around the turn of the years 2011 and 2012 a supplier selection was done (the company Energie stavební a báňská from Kladno) and in March the construction of the museum started.

A decisive moment of the whole project was May 2012 as the regional governor Mr. Rath was arrested. Subsequently in July 2012 the whole project was evaluated according to the grant as not suitable and no sum of money was allocated. In spite of this situation in August 2012 the regional council decided about construction continuation because of large unfinished construction and the construction cannot be stopped. Although the whole project was evaluated according to the grant as not suitable in July 2012, the regional council decided about construction continuation.

In January 2013 found the regional governor of the Central Bohemian Region the building and also the aircrafts interesting and the region tries to finish the construction in spite of the financial problems.

The museum construction was supported by Škoda Auto that would like the airplane museum and Škoda Auto Museum to support each other. The museum construction attracts much interest also abroad. Already the Period Airshow in 2012 attracted many foreign aviation fans, mainly from Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland. Not only our two technical museums but also museums from foreign countries are interested in mutual cooperation.

This building has a big chance to become the building of the year.

Nowadays the building of the aviation museum is finished, after performing a building inspection, is insured and ready for interior completion and then for festive opening in the second half of 2014.

The Endowment Fund of Metod Vlach´s Airplane made an operational test connected with placement of replicas of historical airplanes inside the complete building.

After the museum opening the visitors can see twenty flying replicas and originals of historical airplanes. This will be not only inside the exposition but also during flying demonstrations. Then there will be ten non-flying airplane originals borrowed by the National Technical Museum, the Military History Institute and also by Aeroklub Mladá Boleslav. Exposition will be also completed by aviation engines and many more original exhibits from the field of history of our aviation, by big and small airplane models. Mainly, there will be flying simulators for visitors to try “flying”.

The aviation museum should become an interesting place where young and old visitors will be glad to return back again.

Who will you see on Air show 2024

Republic P-47D ThunderboltP-47D Thunderbolt
Wingspan 12,43 m
Lenght: 11,02 m
Height: 4,47 m
Maximum speed: 686 km/h

Engine: 18-cylinder radial engine Pratt & Whitney R-2800-59

Spitfire Mk. XIVSpitfire Mk. XIV
Wingspan 10,29 m
Lenght: 11,23 m
Height: 3,05 m
Maximum speed: 710 km/h

Engine: Rolls-Royce Griffon 65

SU-29Suchoj SU-29
Wingspan 8,2 m
Lenght: 7,29 m
Hight: 2,89 m
Maximum speed: 450 km/h

P-51D MustangP-51 Excalibur
Wingspan: 11,28 m
Lenght: 9,83 m
Hight: 4,13 m
Maximum speed: 703 km/h in height 7620 m

P-51D MustangP-51 Little Rebel
Wingspan: 11,28 m
Lenght: 9,83 m
Hight: 4,13 m
Maximum speed: 703 km/h in height 7620 m

Extra 300 SExtra 300-S
Length: 7.01 m (23 ft 0 in)
Wingspan: 8 m (26 ft 3 in)
Height: 2.6 m (8 ft 6 in)
Never exceed speed: 410 km/h

B-737Boenig 737
Wingspan 35,79 m
Lenght: 39,50 m
Hight: 12,57 m
Travel speed: 842 km/h

Beechcraft_C-45HC-45H Expeditor
Wingspan 14,53 m
Lenght: 10,57 m
Hight: 2,97 m
Capacity: 6 passengers or 1 360 kg cargo

Jak C-11Jak C-11
Wingspan 9,4 m
Lenght: 8,5 m
Hight: 3,28 m
Maximum speed: 460 km/h

Fllow Meskupina ZLÍNŮ


CASA C-295
Wingspan 25,81 m
Lenght: 24,5 m
Hight: 8,6 m
Capacity 71 soldiers

Spartan Executive 7WSpartan Executive 7W
Wingspan 11,89 m
Lenght: 8,18 m
Hight: 2,44 m
Cruise speed: 346 km/h