History of period airshows in Mladá Boleslav

One of the decisive moments for organizing the first period airshow in 2002 was completion of replica construction of unique Metod Vlach´s airplane from 1912. It was clear that replica of such an old airplane does not fly anywhere in the Czech Republic or in neighbouring countries. That is why we decided to introduce it in a more festive way, namely with presence of flying historical airplanes and replicas from the whole Czech Republic. As we also invited historical cars and ground staff in period costumes, we called our first airshow “Period Airshow”. The show was much successful and since then we have continued organizing further period airshows and also invited interesting historical airplanes from abroad.

The period airshows are organized by the AEROKLUB Mladá Boleslav together with the ENDOWMENT FUND OF METOD VLACH’S AIRPLANE. The main regular partners are ŠKODA Auto a.s., statutory city of Mladá Boleslav, trade union OS KOVO Škoda and many significant entrepreneurs from the region. Media partners are Radio Kiss Delta, Radio Jizera and Boleslavský deník.

After more than 12 years the Period Airshow has become prestigious airshow of international significance and attracted thousands of spectators from the Czech Republic and also from foreign countries. The new name “Historical Airshow”, which replaces present-day name “Period Airshow” this year, approaches our air performance for more foreign pilots and visitors.

Who will you see on Air show 2024

Spitfire Mk. XIVSpitfire Mk. XIV
Wingspan 10,29 m
Lenght: 11,23 m
Height: 3,05 m
Maximum speed: 710 km/h

Engine: Rolls-Royce Griffon 65

SU-29Suchoj SU-29
Wingspan 8,2 m
Lenght: 7,29 m
Hight: 2,89 m
Maximum speed: 450 km/h

P-51D MustangP-51 Excalibur
Wingspan: 11,28 m
Lenght: 9,83 m
Hight: 4,13 m
Maximum speed: 703 km/h in height 7620 m

P-51D MustangP-51 Little Rebel
Wingspan: 11,28 m
Lenght: 9,83 m
Hight: 4,13 m
Maximum speed: 703 km/h in height 7620 m

Extra 300 SExtra 300-S
Length: 7.01 m (23 ft 0 in)
Wingspan: 8 m (26 ft 3 in)
Height: 2.6 m (8 ft 6 in)
Never exceed speed: 410 km/h

Beechcraft_C-45HC-45H Expeditor
Wingspan 14,53 m
Lenght: 10,57 m
Hight: 2,97 m
Capacity: 6 passengers or 1 360 kg cargo

Jak C-11Jak C-11
Wingspan 9,4 m
Lenght: 8,5 m
Hight: 3,28 m
Maximum speed: 460 km/h

Fllow Meskupina ZLÍNŮ


CASA C-295
Wingspan 25,81 m
Lenght: 24,5 m
Hight: 8,6 m
Capacity 71 soldiers

Spartan Executive 7WSpartan Executive 7W
Wingspan 11,89 m
Lenght: 8,18 m
Hight: 2,44 m
Cruise speed: 346 km/h